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Should your agency outsource video?

The Pros (and cons) of outsourcing to a studio: A comprehensive analysis.

Here are a few reasons why marketing agencies may want to consider outsourcing animation to a specialized studio:

1. Expertise: Animation studios typically have a team of experienced artists and animators with the skills and knowledge to create high-quality animation. Additionally, animation studios host a full suite of digital capabilities and can support various creative projects. Working with a professional studio can be particularly beneficial for marketing agencies as it allows them to access the studio's experience and expertise without hiring, managing or training internally.

2. Cost-effective: Outsourcing animation to a studio can often be more cost-effective than hiring in-house animators, particularly for smaller businesses or one-off projects. Find a studio willing to adjust to your needs and can provide value through flexible engagements.

3. Time-efficient: Outsourcing animation can save time as the studio handles all aspects of the animation process, allowing the marketing agency to focus on other tasks. For example, a studio may lead in any or all of the following: strategic direction, scripting, concept development, art direction, building style frames, storyboarding, modeling, animation, and post-production workflows.

4. Access to Resources: Animation studios often have access to specialized software, equipment, and a deep pool of talented writers, designers, and animators that may be unavailable in-house. Access to valuable resources benefits marketing agencies looking for a specialized solution, experience, or technology, which often leads to better results in creative initiatives.

5. Creative Direction: Behind every project is a balanced mix of strategy and design. Animation studios often have a team of talented artists and strategists who can bring innovative ideas to the table and help execute more extensive projects. When it comes to strategy and design, having strong creative direction can drive powerful campaigns that deliver fresh and innovative ideas. Additionally, a good studio is typically up to date with the latest trends and tools, which lend to higher quality creative solutions. Remember, strategy and direction come from solving creative problems - a great studio is often a result of great thinkers and problem solvers.

6. Better results: While inexpensive and DIY options exist, opting for the cheapest solution often produces undesirable results, wastes time and energy, and causes more stress. Even worse, a project with a poor outcome may demand a complete do-over, exhausting more time and resources. In contrast, working with a professional studio may reduce risk and help you maximize the return on your investment by producing a higher-quality product. Keep in mind that plenty of great studios operate in different price ranges. If cost is a priority, look for a budget-friendly studio that understands your goals and is willing to be flexible to help you with your objectives.

Outsourcing animation to a specialized studio can be a fantastic option for marketing agencies needing to create high-quality animation for their clients. However, remember to do a fair bit of due diligence to find a studio that fits your needs and can be a trustworthy partner for your agency.

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